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‘Ssssensational Ssssnakes' Are Slithering at Kidspace

Calling reptile enthusiasts and anyone eager to learn more about these marvels: The Pasadena museum is putting snakes in the spotlight.

Kidspace Children's Museum

What to Know

  • Pasadena near Rose Bowl Stadium
  • Through Oct. 31, 2021
  • Included with Kidspace Children's Museum admission; general admission is $14.95 per visitor; seniors are $12.95, infants under age 1 can enter for free

Rubber spiders and plastic bats may be filling the aisles of our local stores at the moment, as October draws closer and people seek to add a critter-cute component to their fall decorations.

But among the eight-legged arachnids and flying mammals, there is another icon of the season: Snakes, which cameo in Halloween-type signs, table centerpieces, and yard haunts, too.

Do snakes, though, fully deserve to be slithering on the scarier side of our imagination? Or is there plenty to learn from these fascinating reptiles, including how they move so marvelously along the ground, what they prefer to eat, and how fangs work?

We have many snakely questions, and Kidspace Children's Museum has the educational answers.

And if you and your snake-obsessed kin slither by the Pasadena educational institution through Halloween 2021, you'll be able to learn and discover plenty.

For "Ssssensational Ssssnakes" is now on view at the museum, which sits in Brookside Park, not far from Rose Bowl Stadium.

Visitors to the limited-time exhibit should "... (g)et ready to shed your old ideas about snakes!," advises Kidpace.

You'll get the opportunity to meet a quintet of reptile ambassadors, scale-covered cuties with memorable monikers: Keys, Milky Way, Goober, Disco, and Legolas.

Hands-on activities also can be found around the snake-tastic space. If your tot could build her own snake puppet, just how stripe-y would it be? Would it have several hues? This is where you find that out.

Kidspace's indoor exhibits recently opened, but there are still outdoor worlds to explore, including Arroyo Adventure and Physics Forest.

For more on safety guidelines, admission, and what snake fans can expect, wriggle by the Kidspace site now.

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