Star Wars

Star Wars Celebration to Touch Down in Anaheim

This mega, multi-day, everything-Force-tastic festivity is where its AT-AT.

Daniel Boczarski/FilmMagic

Online maps helpfully show us how to cover distances from Point A to Point B, which is especially useful around freeway-filled Southern California.

But finding our way to Mos Eisley or Endor, especially when you have a droid or two in tow or a fussy Tauntaun that prefers to run on ice rather than asphalt?

Clearly, mapping assistance and transportation guidance are required, but here's a spot that's as bright as a Wookiee is tall: Fans of the "Star Wars" universe only need to find their way to the Anaheim Convention Center to enjoy a fanciful, Forceful long weekend.

For that's where the sizable Star Wars Celebration, a festival that's as big as a Galactic Starcruiser, or just about, will set down its landing gear.

Go to this cosmic party, will you?

Even Yoda knows you'll need an advance ticket, and time to peruse the ultra-packed roster of out-of-this-world activities.

The panel line-up includes sessions devoted to droid-building, lightsaber training, and the Lucasfilm Studio Showcase. And this is Sith-riously exciting: Actor Ian McDiarmid will appear, to discuss his roles in the films of the Skywalker saga.

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Talk about getting heart Palp-itations.

The great thespian, who has brought so much to the cinematic stories of "Star Wars" through his portrayal of Emperor Palpatine, is one of the major stars of the May 26-29 happening, but several performers are set to show.

Memorabilia, gewgaws, collectibles, tees, toys, and all items that hail from the Naboo and beyond will add fan-fun flavor to the party, while pin trading, an activity-packed area for kids, and other fantastical features are as plentiful as asteroids surrounding the Millennium Falcon as it tries to out-maneuver a TIE fighter.

Spots are filling up for the popular celebration, and, as of the morning of May 23, Thursday tickets are available.

Best don your Solo-swanky vest or Lando-esque cloak and fly faster than you might through the Kessel Run to the gathering's online starbase now.

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