“Star Wars” Meets Cinco at Estar Guars Weekend

Head for Here and Now in the Arts District for a tasty mash-up homage to both early-May holidays.

What to Know

  • Here and Now
  • May 4 and 5, 2019
  • Pet costume contest, "Star Wars" loteria, special themed menu

Roam the cosmos, if you will, and call upon every remote moon, and make your way to every hidden outpost, if you can find the map that will lead you there.

Go where you want, is what we're saying, but if you'd like to find a weekend-long event equally devoted to both "Star Wars" Day, which is May the Fourth, and Cinco de Mayo on May 5, you'll need to set the coordinates on your Landspeeder for the Arts District.

For Here and Now will devote both May 4 and 5, a Saturday and Sunday, to Estar Guars Weekend, a festive embrace of the side-by-side holidays.

Will there be pets in costumes vying for top honors at the stylish bar? That's happening.

Shall there "Star Wars" loteria? Be, there shall. Will DJ Lito be spinning a vinyl set on Sunday of the "vintage español variety? That's on the schedule.

Some whimsical highlights from the special themed menu?

There's the Death Star Chicken and Waffles, which, yes, includes a doughy delight that looks like one of the most menacing moons in the universe.

Er, that's no moon: That's a waffle.

Other eats fill the fanciful line-up, as do drinks, several drinks, from Yoda Soda to the Leche de Bantha Organica.

That powerful concoction boasts Tromba Reposado, Combier Bleu, pineapple, coconut, lime, and sugar.

Where were these ingredients sourced, if you're curious? Tatooine, is the rumor.

And the SÍ-3PO is a spin on a golden michelada. Sip it and you, too, might feel as chatty as everyone's favorite droid.

May 4 and 5 will always arrive cheek-by-jowl on everyone's calendar, for as long as there are calendars, spoiler alert.

Whether "Star Wars" Day on May 4 and Cinco de Mayo keep meeting, mirthfully, is up to local establishments. But perhaps Here and Now is on to something: A Force-festive fiesta with tequila cocktails straight from Tatooine.

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