Buena Park

Start Your Own Farm, With a Knott's Boysenberry Plant

Pick up your leafy berry-producer, curbside, starting on May 21.

Patrik Stedrak

What to Know

  • Plant sales begin on Thursday, May 21
  • $19.99; order ahead for curbside pick-up
  • The Knott's Berry Farm Berry Market is located in Buena Park

So you say your shelves brim with bottles of boysenberry syrup and boysenberry jam jars and boysenberry pancake mix and all manner of boysenberry dessert toppings?

We believe you, so brag away.

For the boysenberry is pure Southern California sunshine in berry form, a bitty bite that's as Buena Park in character as roller coasters and sing-along stage shows.

But plenty of boysenberry buffs around our region would have to 'fess up in one particular area: They do not have any boysenberries, as in the actual, juicy, burstable goodies, growing in their yards.

That's about to change, for many longtime and aspiring gardeners, beginning on Thursday, May 21.

That's when fruit-loving Southern Californians can buy actual boysenberry plants at Knott's Berry Farm's Berry Market.

They're priced at $19.99 each, and you'll want to order your plant, or plants, ahead of time. And, for sure: Curbside pick-up is available.

Something extra-sweet? The Knott's team says that the 2020 crop is "our largest yet"! Good news.

Boysenberries, plucked fresh in the sunshine, are central to the amazing success story of Walter and Cordelia Knott, and the little Orange County-based farm stand that started a legendary theme park business.

What might you make with your freshly grown boysens? A traditional pie? A sauce for a savory chicken dish?

The sky, or at least the number of berries that your plant produces, is the luscious limit. Just make sure you're wearing an old tee, or a gardener's apron, when you sink your choppers into your first homegrown berry.

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