Strawberry Picking Opens at Tanaka Farms

Gather berries "in a safe — and socially distant — manner!" at the Irvine agricultural destination.

Tanaka Farms

What to Know

  • Irvine
  • Pre-registration is required; household groups only
  • Masks and gloves are necessary, as is social distancing

Late May?

Ask any Southern California to pick a hue from nature that best symbolizes this time of year, and you'll likely get a few answers, all of them quite solid.

Purple? That works, since the jacaranda trees are now in jacaranda-ing up our purple-loving, blossom-obsessed worlds. Gray? The mornings are getting misty with ocean-y air, as is meteorological tradition when we start to slide into June Gloom.

Red? For sure: Strawberries are big 'round our region come the fruitful fifth month, and while festivals were postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic response, the actual growing of the popular berry continues at several local farms.

Look to Tanaka Farms in Irvine, which continues to produce thousands of berries for berry buffs ready to stop by for curbside pick-up.

But here's something new: Strawberry picking opens at Tanaka Farms on Friday, May 22.

The team behind the historic agra-destination says that the process will happen "in a safe — and socially distant — manner!," meaning there are a number of protocols to observe before and when you arrive.

Showing with your own gloves? Essential. A mask? Essential. Social distancing? The fields are spacious and airy, so you can find your own area in which to gather berries.

Please read everything, and then make your reservation ahead of time, which is also a must. The first few days, including opening day, have already sold out, but more dates will soon be added to the schedule.

It's eight dollars per person, and you'll receive a basket to fill upon arrival (it holds 1.25 pounds). If you need another basket, you can buy one for $6.50.

Again, simply showing up to strawberry-up won't work: You need to register in advance. The farm team is managing the number of guests who'd like to pick strawberries, so this is key.

For more on the safety policies, pre-registration, and what you can expect when you arrive, please visit the Strawberry Picking HQ at the Tanaka Farms site now.

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