Support a Local Restaurant During The 12 Days of Takeout

A SoCal campaign is reminding people that many eateries remain open for takeout, even as in-person dining remains temporarily closed.

12 Days of Takeout/Xsandra

What to Know

  • The "grassroots, online campaign" is spotlighting takeout options at our local restaurants
  • Through Wednesday, Dec. 23
  • If you do take out food, post it and tag it with #12daysoftakeout to share the good word

Rhapsodizing about a marvelous restaurant meal you loved while enjoying a totally different restaurant meal with friends?

It's a bit of a time-honored tradition, to break down, bite by bite, a dining experience that changed you for the better, all while meeting up with people over a totally different dining experience.

Those social-sweet meet-ups aren't happening as 2020 winds down, at least not over shared tables, but we can still let people know about the places we love and care about.


There's a fresh and focused push on to bring attention to the fact that many restaurants around our region remain open for takeout.

The "grassroots, online campaign," in fact, is called the 12 Days of Takeout, a name that also points to the fact that it is happening in the days leading up to Christmas.

"Order In & Help Out" is the call to action, and, yes, there's a hashtag, too, if you want to let your followers know about a super meal you've enjoyed. It's #12daysoftakeout, a way to cast the campaign's important message even further.

ArroyoWest LLC and Strategies 360, both based in Southern California, partnered to create the restaurant-spotlighting effort.

"2020 has been a tough year for our small businesses. With stricter stay-at-home orders in effect across the country, the 12 Days of Takeout movement spreads holiday cheer to our favorite bars and restaurants," reads a message on the campaign's site.

"These hard-working businesses bring us joy and delicious flavors year-round. They're our go-to spots for celebrating special occasions, convening with friends and family, and enjoying a comforting snack or meal."

"Let's return the favor by ordering takeout and giving thanks. Whatever your budget, your purchases will make a big difference in supporting them through the holiday season."

Consider placing an order for your favorite pasta, enchiladas, burger, or salad at your local favorite, then sharing a fantastic photo on your social pages with #12daysoftakeout, as a way to encourage your friends, family members, and followers to do the same, if they can.

Recommending a terrific café in the past, over a dinner with friends, is something many people have done. Now there's a different way to do so, in a time that such recommendations and prompts are very much needed.

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