Sweet News: Egg #2 Arrives for the Big Bear Bald Eagles

The first egg, which arrived on Jan. 6, was "preyed on by ravens." The famous pair's second egg appeared on the afternoon of Jan. 9.

Friends of Big Bear Valley

Update: The pair's second egg "was preyed on by ravens" on the afternoon of Jan. 14. For more information, visit the Friends of Big Bear Valley Facebook page.

What to Know

  • The Big Bear Bald Eagles are Jackie & Shadow
  • The pair's first 2021 egg, laid on Jan. 6, was "preyed on by ravens."
  • Valentine's Day is the expected hatching day for the new egg

The nature-observing cameras that are installed high up in trees, and along cliffsides, and around the beaches of California?

They give us a thrilling, up-close view to the wondrous tides and times of the wilder world, without our physical human presence impacting the lives of the animals we're keen to observe.

And while such intimate views of nature are often amazing and uplifting, sometimes they can be understandably difficult to see, too.

That happened on Jan. 7, when the first 2021 egg of Jackie & Shadow, the famous Big Bear bald eagles, was "preyed on by ravens" less than a day after it appeared in the birds' lake-close nest.

But the thousands of people who regularly check out the Friends of Big Bear Valley's nest cam, fans who are based in Southern California and around the country and world, held out hope for another egg to be laid in the days ahead.

That hope was wonderfully met, for Jackie laid her second 2021 egg on Saturday, Jan. 9 at 4:23 in the afternoon.

Now viewers will watch to see if the egg is a viable one, and if a hatching takes place in the middle of February.

Keep your eye on Valentine's Day, which is around the time we'd expect to see a tiny eaglet emerge from the cozy cocoon.

But you won't need to wait for the love holiday to enjoy the sky-high adventures of Jackie, Shadow, and how they're caring for their brand-new egg.

The Friends of Big Bear Valley Facebook page features regular updates about what is happening in the nest, from major snowfalls to tasty meals (Shadow showed with "a nice big fish" the day before the second egg arrived).

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