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Embroider Your Handicraft Skills During This Virtual Class

The Center for the Arts Eagle Rock is leading a textile-cool class devoted to postcard embroidery (really).

Olga Ignatova

What to Know

  • Two sessions: Jan. 20 and 27
  • $35 (your materials will be delivered to you ahead of time)
  • Ages 10 and up

Did meaning-filled handmade gifts rule your heart over the holidays?

Did you receive a loaf of freshly baked sourdough from a favorite neighbor, and woolly and warm handknit socks from your mom, and a watercolor painting from your beloved uncle?

So beyond. Incredibly deep. And full of emotion.

You may have even been prompted you to ponder how you could burnish your own skills in the handmade department, with an eye to creating gorgeous gifts for the 2021 holidays.

Which, yes, are really only eleven months away, when you think about it.

But where can you joyfully step up your efforts in the skill-building department, all while keeping close to home?

By signing up for a two-session virtual happening with the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock.

The cost is $35, and that includes the needed materials, which will be sent your way.

But hold up: Here is perhaps the most charming and even quirky element of this online treat... you'll learn to embroider not cloth but a vintage postcard.

Call it instantly frame-able art, and a treasure for a relative down the road, the sort of person who would appreciate an art-funky work, made by you, as a show of affection.

For part of the class is learning to "sew message into vintage cards for loved ones," so you might start thinking about what kind words you'd like to say to someone you love.

Thread through the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock site now to know more, and to discover the other classes they have on their upcoming, learn-at-home schedule.

Sweet? This is open to participants ages 10 and up, if you have a young person at home interested in picking up some awesome handicraft skills.

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