Sweetgreen Santa Monica's Give Back Opening Day

The fresh bowls 'n more restaurant will give the Garden School Foundation 100% of the first day's proceeds.

Stories spotlighting clean and healthy eating have a tradition of peaking around the spring, along about the time when we're heading into summer and lighter fare is on the minds of many.

Fresh choices of the leafier, fruitier variety don't disappear from our desires, though, when autumn's on the way, and stories about heartier meals rev up. This fact makes the imminent opening of the Sweetgreen in Santa Monica especially timely, especially since the Southern California summer trucks on into late October, temperature-wise.

Salads, in short, are year-round food 'round here.

If you've eaten around our nation's capital or Maryland or Virginia, you know the Sweetgreen bowls, the ones brimming with ingredients like kale and spicy broccoli and roasted organic tofu and quinoa and carrot chili vinaigrette. Actually, if you've been to the first Southern California Sweetgreen, the one that opened on West Third earlier this year, you know the company's locally sourced salads and grain-based bites.

The Santa Monica Sweetgreen, to celebrate its opening day -- that's Tuesday, Aug. 18 -- will honor both its garden-y spirit and the back-to-school time we're in by donating 100% of the opening day proceeds to the Garden School Foundation. 

It's an organization that supports "an interdisciplinary program of education through garden-based learning in outdoor living classrooms." Kids learn about growing and tending to edible plants, in short, and all of the good lessons that sprout from the act of caring for a verdant plot.

Eager to dig into a Rad Thai or Kale Caesar or OMG Omega bowl at 1343 4th Street in Santa Monica? Make a date to do so on Aug. 18 and see all of the money you plunk down assist this alfresco-aspiring foundation and the many students it serves.

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And there's nothing to knock about the season of heavier stews, by the by. It's just a funny thing that salads have their day in the press come spring and taper off near August. Because, of course, August is really just the start of the warmer months, for SoCalers, so salads are still in order through Halloween.

And, really, as stated, all year long. More arugula for us, please.

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