Take a Virtual Stroll Through a Cloud of Local Lilacs

We can't visit these purple-powerful bloomers at Descanso Gardens right now, but we can learn more about lilacs from home.

Descanso Gardens

What to Know

  • Descanso Gardens
  • The gardens are temporarily closed
  • Staffers are sharing what is blooming, including the famous lilacs

If, in the past, we found certain flowers beautiful, mysterious, or a bit of both, but didn't know much about the blossoms we were admiring, all that may change during our #StayatHome days.

For we're burnishing our bloom-based knowledge, and getting to know different parts of a garden.

This could be because we're planting our own Victory Gardens, a growing trend in the response to COVID-19, or simply encouraging a few springtime seedlings, all to lend cheer during this time.

And if really want to add extra oomph to our grow-a-garden knowledge, we only need look to the offerings of some of Southern California's most major plots.

Descanso Gardens, for example, is giving flower fans good information on various plants, including a famous flower that's got power as April begins: the lilac.

True, the La Cañada Flintridge garden is shuttered right now, but that hasn't stopped the purple blossoms from doing what they do best this time of year.

Is lilac your favorite flower? Can you practically smell them, even from faraway?

Take a moment to enjoy a peaceful video, straight from Descanso Gardens, helmed by Garden Records Coordinator Roy Jenkins.

It's a nice way to connect people at home with the lovely lilac bloom happening as April revs up.

Knowing that nature's gifts continue to thrive, even as we stay away? The emotions, for many people, can be mixed.

But burnishing our blossom knowledge, while we can, with the help of garden pros, feels like a nice way to connect with natural places, even as we must temporarily remain away.

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