Thanksgiving Tastes Pop up in a Sausage Roll and a Burger

Strings of Life is serving a hearty sausage roll that's full of holiday flavor, while Slater's 50/50 has a turkey patty topped with classic trimmings.

Josh Telles/Slater's 50/50

What to Know

  • Strings of Life will serve its $10 Turkey Gobbler Sausage Roll on Nov. 26 (one day only)
  • The $16.99 Slater's 50/50 Thanksgiving Burger is available through Nov. 30 (price may vary by location)
  • Thanksgiving Day is Nov. 26

A traditional Thanksgiving plate might have a bit of turkey, some dressing, a scoop of mashed potatoes, a drizzle of gravy, and a dab of cranberry, too.

Not to mention, of course, green beans, fried onions, rolls, sweet potato gratin, and the other enduring sides that have become savorily synonymous with the late-November celebration.

These flavors tend to sit separately on our dish on Thanksgiving afternoon, but that's the last time they'll be separated.

For the following day, when we make the perfect leftover sandwich? Oh yeah: All of that carb-y, spice-deep goodness will be squished between two slices.

Be cheered, Thanksgiving foodies, for a couple of restaurants around town are taking this concept, that all of these foods combine incredibly well, and going the delicious distance.

How? By transforming the Thanksgiving plate into something new and highly noshable.

At Strings of Life on Melrose Avenue, Culinary Director Monty Koludrovic and Pastry Chef Jaci Koludrovic are putting an appetizing Australian spin on the holiday.

How? By adding the unmistakable flavors of the occasion to a hearty sausage roll.

The Turkey Gobbler Sausage Roll, which will only be available on Thanksgiving Day, is a "... (t)urkey dinner wrapped in a decadent puff pastry casing, with turkey, herbed stuffing, green beans, potatoes, and a house-made cranberry mostarda dipping sauce."

Oh yum.

There are other Aussie-tasty touches on the lively holiday menu, including a Pumpkin Spice Lamington.

Know the classic coconutty cake? Stop by Strings of Life and try a piece.

And another returning favorite to LA's own quirky-Thanksgiving-dinner-in-a-different-form team?

It's the Slater's 50/50 Thanksgiving Burger, which is available through the end of November at the regional, SoCal-started burger restaurants.

"With a ⅓ lb. turkey patty that’s piled high with brioche stuffing, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, and garlic & sage aioli on a honey wheat bun, it's an ENTIRE Thanksgiving meal between the palm of your hands!" is the restaurant's tangy take on the filling, bun-based feast.

In addition to this offbeat take on Turkey Day delights, four Slater's 50/50 locations are making Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes that, oh goodness, sport pumpkin pie slices as outlandish garnishes.

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