The Breakfast Club Boasts Breakfast Pizzas, Bagel Towers

The new Hollywood eatery is putting an offbeat and eye-catching spin on everyone's favorite meal.

The Breakfast Club

What to Know

  • 1600 Vine St. in Hollywood
  • Hearty breakfast fare, like a Breakfast Pizza, Bagel Tower, and Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon Ricotta Cream
  • Cocktails include Pebble's Milk Punch

Breakfast? At first glance, it might be the most set-in-stone, don't-mess-with-tradition, stay-with-what-you've-always-done meal of the day.

After all, plenty of people approach that first bite of the morning through a bleary eye, a big yawn, and getting experimental, or making your eating experience interesting, isn't at the top of your mind (which may still be on the dream you just had).

But creative restaurants often shake up the cereal box, and flip the flapjack story, and crack a few eggs, all to take breakfast buffs to a new, stranger, and more luxe level of blissful breakfastania.

"Breakfast Any Time" is the merry motto of The Breakfast Club, which is just a short strut down Vine Avenue, a pinch south of Hollywood Boulevard.

If breakfasting at breakfast is your bag, however, you'll want to be there early, even at 8 a.m., when the restaurant opens.

On the menu? Tomahawk Steak + Eggs is The Breakfast Club's most popular choice, a stylish spin on the traditional steak and eggs.

Look for some dinner-esque additions, like seasoned roasted potatoes and mustard bearnaise, as well as honey glazed carrots, sides that not only complement the protein-powerful mains but add flavor and flair.

A Bagel Tower, which can be shared by you and one or two of your bagel-loving buds, includes a half dozen bagels, stacked high, and an appetizing obelisk of toppers, plated on three dishes, with smoked salmon, red onion, and herbed cream cheese figuring prominently.

And a Club Pizza?

This is a breakfast-meets-dinner delight, with a maple-y crust, a poached egg in the center, and mozzarella and candied bacon adding savory character (oh yes, and the all-important chives, too).

If you're brunching and looking for brunch-ready beverages, there are cocktails, like a Cinnamon Toast Old-Fashioned and an Espresso Martini.

For the full menu, which brims with humorous and hearty takes on the morning meals we know well, visit this page now.

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