The Bunny Museum Is Open on Easter

The hare-happy Altadena wonderland, which features thousands of bunny items, hops into the holiday.

The Bunny Museum

You might expect that bunnies would be tuckered out when Easter arrives, and ready for a little well-deserved shuteye.

This isn't any surprise, given the notion that our long-earred friends may have just put in the long hours helping the biggest bunny, the Easter Bunny, cleverly hide decorated eggs in and around the homes of children.

But bunnies, or at least bunny-themed items, remain in the celebratory spotlight on the holiday, and if you hop, hop, hop up Lake Avenue, in Altadena, and stop just before you reach the mountains, you'll arrive at a big bunny wonderland, one that's open on Easter Day.

Or do we mean "Bunderland"? Yes, we think we do.

It's the world-famous Bunny Museum, an institution that regularly makes and/or tops lofty lists devoted to our planet's quirkier and more memorable attractions.

The museum began its hop to worldwide fame nearly three decades ago, when Steve Lubanski gave a small and sweet gift, one shaped like a rabbit, to Candace Frazee.

Soon, the Pasadena-based paramours were trading daily rabbit-themed gifts, and their assemblage of bunny-inspired items grew hare-y, hare-y fast.

There are now thousands of artifacts in the couple's colorful collection, all featuring famous rabbits, storybook rabbits, rabbits on clocks, rabbit toys, rabbit-adorned kitchenware, rabbit gewgaws, rabbit stuffed animals, rabbit everything.

The couple opened the doors to their home in the late '90s, sharing their bun-ty, er, bounty with fascinated visitors, and in 2017, the museum hopped to a new location, in Altadena, complete with a Grand "Hoppening."

You can call upon this ultra-cute fantasia of furry merriness throughout the year, but plenty of people point their ears in the direction of the treasury of rabbit artifacts on a certain spring holiday.

Because of course the Bunny Museum is open on Easter.

One word of advice before you leave your own warren? Best delay your morning hop, for the rabbit-tarium will throw the doors wide at noon.

The closing hour? It's 6 o'clock, giving visitors a chance to hop home for any holiday dinners they have planned.

Admission for bunnies, er, humans ages 13 and older? It's $12 per person, with other ticketing tiers available. (Indeed, you can buy a membership, too, which gives you daily access to the Peter Rabbit Bedroom, among other areas of the museum.)

Directions to this Bunderland of fanciful 'n furry bunnydom?

Following a rabbit in a fairy tale often involves heading over streams and through the forest, but you'll simply need to make your way to 2605 Lake Avenue to commune with this quirky corner of cottontails, whiskers, and bundles of bunny memorabilia.

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