The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Holiday Menu Is Here

The Peppermint Mocha Crumble Ice Blended is one lively libation on the company's tempting end-of-the-year roster.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

What to Know

  • The Peppermint Mocha Crumble Ice Blended debuted on Nov. 1, 2021
  • The Cookie Butter Latte, formerly a holiday-only offering, is now a year-round favorite
  • Find frosted sugar tree cookies and other goodies in the pastry case


It's a zingy sensation that is accessible throughout the calendar, even on the hottest days, the windiest afternoons, the foggiest mornings.

We make our iced tea minty on warm July days, and the occasional chocolate Easter egg can have a mint-tastic zip.

And yet? If you had to pick a birthday for peppermint, you might just choose November 1, for that's when so many pumpkin flavors vamoose and peppermint settles in for its tasty, two-month run.

Which it very much did on the first day of November at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Just hours after Halloween wrapped, the new holiday menu debuted at the coffee shops, bringing with them a bounty of yuletide-centered yum.

And while peppermint has always been a major player on The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf menu, there's always room for something a bit new. And that fresh libation for 2021?

It's the Peppermint Mocha Crumble Ice Blended, which boasts a bit of cookie-crunchy kick, in addition to peppermint's natural kick, making it a very kicky experience overall.

But there are returning warm-the-cockles classics, including the ultra-popular Cookie Butter Latte and the Winter Dream Tea, too.

Oh yes: And the hot Peppermint Mocha, one of the pop-up menu's limited time stars, will definitely be at the festive front-and-center of the pepperminty proceedings.

A two-month stay seems to be, at first glance, a lengthy amount of time. But not long after the season has de-sparkled, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will say "so long" to these sips, at least for the time being.

Best find yours now, at your local shop, in these early days of the peppermintiest stretch of the year.

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