The Counter: You-Top-It Impossible Burger

The plant-based patty arrives at the popular boutique burger chain, along with a toppable twist.

The perfect burger, the kind of burger that has five different toppings that all happen to be among your top ten most favorite foods ever, sometimes has a lucky way of popping up on menus.

It's a dream for the burgerist, to find such an ideal meal, one that doesn't need another i dotted nor t crossed nor another condiment added.

And yet... If you're at a top-your-own burger joint, the kind of spot that invites you to create your own perfect topping combination, you can be tempted to stray from the on-menu burger that meets all of your needs.

Now imagine doing just that with The Impossible Burger. This is the plant-based patty that's been making flavorful waves thanks to its notable appearance, taste, and consistency (it looks and tastes like meat).

And while this vegetarian option has appeared here and there in recent months, around town, The Counter, the custom burger chain that began in Santa Monica in 2003, is now offering something new: a "toppable" Impossible Burger.

That means you can bring your build-your-own whims to the patty-bun sandwich, adding on all of the cheeses, caramelized onions, and mayos you like, while observing that each topping may cost a bit extra. (Topping mavens know that their topping impulses can go a little wild sometimes.)

And if you want to go with a delectable, carefully crafted version that's been created by the restaurant for the menu?

That'll be available, too. The toppings for the on-menu signature Impossible Burger include herbed goat cheese, tomatoes, grilled red onions, mixed greens, spicy tomato jam, Dijon balsamic, and an English muffin to hold every tasty tidbit in place.

That sounds mighty appetizing, too, should you choose not to go the build-it-yourself route.

The Impossible Burger debuted at select The Counter locations around Southern California, and the Bay Area, too, on Sept. 19, and in October? It'll go wider, to all burgeries in the company around the nation.

Before then, though, you can find this topping-ready, plant-based patty at The Counters in Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, DTLA, and The Miracle Mile, as well as up north in Palo Alto and Corte Madera.

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