The Free ‘Bob Baker Day' Will Frolic All Over LA, Virtually

The celebration will start at Union Station, but, with a click, viewers will journey to marionette shows in a variety of locations around the city.

Farah Sosa

What to Know

  • Begins Feb. 27; available for one week online
  • Free to enjoy from home
  • Puppet performances and more merriment produced by the Highland Park marionette theater and Metro Arts Presents

Roaming the city, all to land upon a lively scene, often entails us following arrows or lines on a map.

But what if you and your kids could keep an eye on where string was showing up? Specifically, the string that helps a band of merry marionettes dance, frolic, raise the vibe, and entertain?

We won't need to get out and follow a string, though, when the free Bob Baker Day adds joy, movement, and smile-summoning moments to our screens.

For the annual celebration will include a "click-and-go" interactive system, one that allows you to visit several Los Angeles landmarks while staying home.

And adding adorableness to those landmarks?

Best believe it: The famous Bob Baker Marionettes will be front-and-centered at each stop, all to bring some local flavor and lots of cheer to viewers at home.

The online Bob Baker Day experience debuts on Saturday, Feb. 27.

But if you can't catch it on the final Saturday of February? There's no need to get your own strings in a knot: It'll be available to view for a week.

As for where the around-LA adventuring begins?

The vast halls of beautiful Union Station provide the starting points for the marionettes' city-wide performances.

Metro Arts Presents, which has produced so many of the train station's cultural offerings over the last several years, is a partner on the uplifting project.

This is the 7th annual Bob Baker Day, which salutes both the beloved founder of the Highland Park theater, the artists who help the marionettes come to life, the fanciful figures' loyal audience, and, yes, those iconic marionettes, too.

A video explaining how this nifty technology will work is live on Youtube now; check it out now.

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