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WildLights, a Desert Holiday Tradition, Will Shine in Spring

The Living Desert is putting a warm-weather spin on its sparkly, under the sky happening.

The Living Desert

What to Know

  • The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert
  • March 15-28 (nightly) from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
  • $14 general admission

A December night in the California desert is a real bundle-up affair, even if you're crunching through ice and snow.

You might be wending along a path, by colorful lights and dazzling displays, all while sipping a cup of hot chocolate or something else that might take the edge of the cold and dry arid air.

If you've had this experience, chances are as strong as a giraffe is tall that you were at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens during Wildlights, its annual Decembertime light experience.

It's a show you admire while strolling through the spacious and open-air property, and while not every bulb-bright display is themed to the yuletide season, many are.

But a few changes, here and there, can transform an illuminated experience, trading the holiday hues and symbols for the scenes that say "springtime."

And that's what will happen at the Palm Desert animal park over the second half of March.

For The Living Desert, which is home to that famous spring-predicting desert tortoise, Mojave Maxine, and a host of amazing animals, is ready to unveil its first-ever springtime version of the holiday experience.

"WildLights of Spring will take guests on an illuminated journey around the Zoo with vantages of select animal habitats including the emus of the new Australian Adventures, and new for Spring, a portion of the African Safari loop will be open for guests to see cheetahs, zebras, African wild dogs, and more," the destination shared on Feb. 23.

The event will observe safety guidelines, and, due to limited capacity, is expected to sell out.

Do you have an unused ticket for Wildlights 2020? The zoo will honor it, but do call and exchange it ahead of time.

And speaking of "ahead of time," advance reservations are necessary, as is remembering face coverings for everyone in your party who is age 3 and older.

More details on this shimmering approach to greeting the spring in the desert? Scurry as fast as a lizard to the WildLights of Spring site now.

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