The Pie Hole Is Baking an Apple Pie-Stuffed Cheesecake

There's a lot happening here, dessert people, but let's start with the main inspiration of this fall fantasia: Baileys Apple Pie Irish Cream Liqueur.

The Pie Hole

What to Know

  • The Baileys Apple Pie and Coffee Stuffed Cheesecake (non-alcoholic)
  • Find it at your local Pie Hole through Oct. 15, 2021
  • A slice is $14.99; available in-store or via Goldbelly shipping

Fall is officially here, and, if you're so inclined and you're feeling the spirit, you can catchily describe the spiciest season in several colorful ways.

You can call it The Time of Year When We Consume A Lot of Pumpkin-Type Stuff. You can also say It Is When We Wear Cozy Sweaters Before Cozy Sweaters Are Really Necessary.

But the most accurate way to sum up the autumn might be the following: The Fall Is When We Like to Stuff Foods Inside of Other Foods.

Who would quibble with that assertion, when we all recognize we've just entered the season for stowing one style of snack inside a completely different variety of snack, just because we want to mash-up the meals we like best?

You don't even need to wait for Thanksgiving, one of the main days for the merging of foodstuffs, to see this theory in appetizing action: The Pie Hole is now serving hefty slices of its new Baileys Apple Pie and Coffee Stuffed Cheesecake through Oct. 15.

Before we break out the diagrams, flow charts, and PowerPoints, you'll need to visualize a decadent piece of apple pie at the center of this beauty.

But there are other crumbly components, best described here: "(T)he stuffed cheesecake is made with an inner layer of The Pie Hole’s world-famous Mom’s Apple Crumble pie all wrapped in a salted graham cracker crust and topped with classic butter oat crumble and crushed chocolate chunks."

The Pie Hole team suggests it is redolent of the sort of dessert you might enjoy at the conclusion of a holiday dinner, complete with a cup of coffee with Bailey's.

The spirit that inspired this sweet, by the by, is Baileys Apple Pie Irish Cream Liqueur, which has a kicky cinnamon-meets-vanilla character. The pie slice itself contains no alcohol, do note, but rather the fall flavors found in this seasonal libation.

Eager to try a slice of this tempting fall fantasy?

It's $14.99, and only sold by the slice, at your local Pie Hole. Oh yes, you can also order it through Goldbelly, but be sure to do so by Oct. 15.

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