Milk Bar Has an Apple Cider Doughnut Cake, Fall Foodies

The celebrated bakery will also be baking a Pumpkin Milk Bar Pie later in October.

Milk Bar

What to Know

  • 7150 Melrose Avenue
  • The Apple Cider Doughnut Cake starts at $56
  • Shipping and local delivery are available

Sometimes you want to enjoy your apple cider straight from a mug, the sort of palm-warming ceramic container that nicely holds a beverage that is more caliente than cool.

But other times? Your cider-spicy daydreams are landing firmly on the dessert side of things, the goodie-laden line-up of fork-slice-able foodstuffs that aren't for sipping but rather snacking.

How, though, to find apple cider-focused foods in a world that continues to insist that cider is a beverage and not a bite?

You only need look to Southern California's inventive bakers, the people going the distance on the dessert-creation front.

Milk Bar, founded by pastry pro Christina Tosi in 2008, has become known for going the dessert-decadent distance over the last dozen-plus years. And that distance shall be deliciously covered throughout the fall of 2021, thanks to the fall goodies now for sale at the bakery.

One of the headliners?

You guessed it: It's an Apple Cider Doughnut Cake.

The zesty treat's appearance isn't dissimilar to Milk Bar's famous Birthday Cake — parts of the confection are free of frosting, so you can see plenty of cakey bits — but its spirit, spice-a-tude, and fun fall flavor are what set it apart.

As for its kicky interior?

Oh yum: It includes "... (d)oughnut cake, creamy frosting with doughnut sugar topping mixed right in, apple cider jam that's got the tart of an apple with a mulled cider warmth to it, and caramelized doughnut crumbs sprinkled into almost every layer and on top."

A six-inch is $56, and is available for pick-up, delivery, or shipping.

But don't drift away like a leaf departing a tree branch just yet: There are other limited-time fall sweets on the Milk Bar menu, including a Fall Truffle Box, assorted Apple Cider Doughnut Truffles, and the Pumpkin Milk Bar Pie, which debuts on Oct. 4 (the consistency is closer to a pecan pie than pumpkin, which should intrigue devotees of both desserts).

Ciderists, are you ready to take your apple fandom beyond the mug and cup? Place your order at Milk Bar for their new doughnut-delightful, cider-sensational cake while this get-it-now goodie is available.

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