The PIE-OLIDAYS Arrive, With Deals in Tasty Tow, at Pieology

The Fullerton-founded pizza chain is offering a few flavorful perks ahead of Christmas, including a BOGO deal on Dec. 24.


What to Know

  • Dec. 19-24, 2020
  • A daily special for customers using the Pie Life Rewards App
  • Get two cookies for $4 on Dec. 19; a BOGO deal is up on Dec. 24

Pizza always has a bit of Christmassy flair, thanks to the panache-filled presence of red marinara, green goodies like basil or bell peppers, and a shape that that can reflect anything from an ornament to a tree (if you line up the slices just right).

So making pizza a central part of a seasonal series of giveaways makes savory sense, especially when those perks pop up in the days before Christmas.

Pieology, which can trace its own tasty roots back to Orange County, will treat pie people to a few gratitude-nice deals during the "PIE-OLIDAYS," which officially launch on Saturday, Dec. 19.

First things first: You'll need to get the Pie Life Rewards App to learn about and use the daily deal.

The deal that's up on day #1? It's a sweet start, quite literally: You can get two cookies for four dollars.

The second day? Premium crusts are the theme, and your upgrade is on the house.

On the final day of the festivities, which happens to be Thursday, Dec. 24?

It's all about the BOGO, if you'd like to have a couple of pizzas to munch on through the weekend after Christmas (and you'd like to get one of those pizzas for free).

There is another deal, too, in the works at the fast casual pizza chain.

"Guests who purchase $25 in gift cards by December 31st will receive a free Pizza Bonus Card to use at any of the 130+ Pieology locations across the country, through January 31, 2021," says the company.

So if you're going to stuff the stocking of someone you know who is a serious pizza-ist, this might be the time to get that gift card (and nice bonus pizza).

As for one more deal? If you decide to pick up your pizza, rather than going with delivery, be sure to use the code 10OFF at checkout to enjoy 10% your order

For more on both the PIE-OLIDAYS and the free Pizza Bonus Card, download the Pieology app now.

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