The SoCal-Wide LA Yarn Crawl Is Truly a Purl

"Yarn Healing LA — The 10th LA County Yarn Crawl" puts the spotlight on local shops; prizes and discounts await, too.

Karl Ludvig Sellgren / EyeEm

What to Know

  • March 24-27, 2022
  • Fifteen regional yarn stores are participating; a map and passport are available on the LA Yarn Crawl site
  • Discounts will be available at the stores, and prizes, too (including gift baskets)

The colorful socks your mom knitted for you in 2005?

They're still a favorite of yours on a chilly January night, the sort of evening when your toes go frosty and only your mom's heartfelt gift can deliver the warming touch.

The crocheted cowl your uncle sent you a few years back? It's gorgeous, and the compliments you receive when you wear it out and about are plentiful.

The yarn shops that bring so much woolly wonderfulness to the lives of fiber artists, as well as socializing, support, and a circle of fast and lasting friends?

They are some of our city's true purls, er, pearls, and celebrating these important places is done each day by those knitters, crocheters, and creative souls seeking out a skein or two, as well as friendly chitchat, advice, and guidance on a future or current project.

To celebrate these shops, there is the LA Yarn Crawl, which is marking its 10th anniversary in 2022.

The four-day event, which is on through Sunday, March 27, will put the spotlight on 15 regional shops, and give those customers who call upon the shops during the crawl a few treats.

For example? There shall be gift basket giveaways, and those visitors who leave a passport, one that's been completed, at a particular store will be entered.

How to procure a passport?

You can do so by downloading one from the LA Yarn Crawl site now. Just be sure to have it stamped along the way, as you step inside each new palace o' yarn on the list.

And that list?

It's lengthy, with shops in Long Beach, Valley Village, and beyond.

Peruse the whole roster here, and decide where you'd like to visit first. Someplace near home, a location you've swung by often, or a yarn shop across town, a crochet go-to you've heard a lot about?

Wait: Could a crochet go-to also be called a cro-to? Fiber fans create all sorts of wondrous items, so we have a feeling they'd be up for some sweet, smile-making lingo.

Free patterns are also part of the crawl's Treasure Hunt, and there are discounts, too, to enjoy during the four-day event.

It's a big and festive to-do, so you'll want to study up on the Crawlers Resources page, which also includes a map of all the shops.

Supporting shops that support the community? It's a nice thing to do, and when spectacular scarves ultimately result from those visits, and warm socks, and kicky cowls?

The good vibes are even stronger. Join the crawl over the final weekend of March 2022, and be sure to visit your local yarn shop often, to pick up new needles, connect with the owner, and show your support.

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