‘The Walking Dead': Universal Attraction Tryouts

Universal Studios Hollywood sends out the creepy call for moany "scare-actors."

If you're well-schooled on your pop culture monsters, you know that each baddie is famous for a set of nuanced, highly specific physical actions.

A werewolf crouches and snarls. A vampire bears his or her fangs. And those famished walkers from AMC's "The Walking Dead"? They've got to successfully shamble, stare, and congregate.

If this is something you're incredibly skilled at -- perhaps, after viewing an episode of the show, you regularly entertain your spouse with your walker-style skillz -- then shamble over to Universal Studios Hollywood on Thursday, May 5 or Friday, May 6.

The theme park, which has made "The Walking Dead" a maze-tastic centerpiece of the annual Halloween Horror Nights spectacular over the last several years, is creating a permanent attraction based on the series. And the dread-filled destination, set to open in the summer of 2016, will need "scare-actors" to play both the moaning, hungry walkers and those humans who are constantly trying to outrun them.

"(O)ver 1,000 prospective walkers" are expected at the auditions, which will be helmed by John Murdy, the Creative Director of Halloween Horror Nights. 

Wait: So is the creative outfit behind the TV series involved in the eerie attraction? You bet: Greg Nicotero, the show's executive producer, is rounding up his team to make the make-up, effects, and world fraught with frightful sights, sounds, and scares.

You'll want to note all the to-dos and not-dos before heading for the theme park's Globe Theater for your audition, but know this: Do not, repeat, do not arrive dressed as a walker or rocking walker make-up.

Do, however, wear garb that is easy to move around in. The full list of asks is here, as is the place to schedule your audition appointment.

Feeling the moan? Stirred by the shamble? Are you simply an awesomely skilled walker and/or post-apocalyptic human survivor? Show your spine-tingly stuff off at Universal Studios Hollywood's terrifying tryouts. 

Happy Halloween -- er, spring!

Universal Studios is owned by NBCUniversal, the same parent company as NBC4.

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