The Wildlife Learning Center Just Reopened, Critter Fans

See sloths, porcupines, and beasties aplenty: Limited-capacity general admission at the Sylmar animal center is now available on select days.

Wildlife Learning Center

What to Know

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (private tours are also available throughout the week)
  • $10-$12 general admission; reserve your ticket in advance
  • Face coverings are required

Hanging out? Nibbling? Snoozing? Raising some noise?

You or your kids have engaged in at least one or all of these activities in recent months, but so have the animals that call the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar home.

We don't need to see a sloth to know that it is probably stretched out along a branch, in lovely languid fashion, and a porcupine?

Chances are good that the quill-covered critter is using its impressive chompers to snack upon something delicious.

But now we can admire these critters as they enjoy the same activities we humans indulge in at home now that the education-centered animal center has reopened to general-admission visitors.

There are some asterisks, starting with a big one: This is only happening on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and capacity is limited, so you'll want to book your ticket in advance.


Please do remember your face covering, and observe distancing. You can read about the center's safety guidelines here.

And getting up to speed on the Wildlife Learning Center's mission before you go?

That's a snap: The zoological center seeks to offer "... public education that inspires people to care for our wildlife, to care for our environment, to develop a deep interest in the life sciences, and to give loving care and sanctuary to animals in need."

To broaden that education, private tours are also available, outside of the Tuesday/Thursday general admission hours.

You and up to four of your household members can give a giraffe something tasty to eat, "(t)ouch an armadillo," and have an awesome owl encounter.

All of the onsite interactive tours are listed on this page. Note that tour prices are different from general admission and will need to be booked separately.

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