The Zoo's Virtual Beastly Ball Is Nearly Here

Or do we mean "meerly"? Meerkat mavens, bird buffs, and feline fans will join the LA Zoo fundraiser from home.


Is your flamingo outfit, the one with the pink tutu, hanging near the front of your armoire?

Of course it is, because you'd never let such a fabulous and frolicsome fashion item drift to the back of your clothes rack.

Best slip into it soon, or whatever animal outfit you feel best in, and make a date to attend the upcoming Beastly Ball.

For sure, this annual fundraiser for the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens is typically an in-person event, a party that finds human attendees in their finest frippery and fancy duds.

But the Beastly Ball is headed home in 2020, as the Griffith Park animal park is temporarily closed in response to COVID-19. Which means this: The first-ever virtual celebration is open to everyone, so stay in your jammies, dress in a tux, or go for some combo of the two, and tune in on May 15.

Joel McHale will host the early-evening affair, which raises "... critical funds to support the innovative, world-class animal care and conservation work of the Los Angeles Zoo." Slash, Lance Bass, and a host of other artists will make appearances during the straight-to-your-home celebration.

There's an auction, too, full of local adventures and animal-sweet happenings, the sort of to-dos to be enjoyed down the road.

Some highlights? A chance for you and three friends to visit the Magic Castle is one biddable item. There's also a Condor Field Experience for Two.

To learn more about GLAZA's mission, and all that the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association does in its work, scurry, as quickly as a meerkat might, by the Beastly Ball site now.

And, no: You don't have to dress like a flamingo to sit on your couch and participate. But, really, why wouldn't you, if you could?

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