A New Burrito Concept Just Launched

The Madera Group's Burritos Locos, a "new-school Mexican" eatery, has ready-to-deliver eats covering several Southern California cities.

Burritos Locos

Scanning the just-opened listings of your go-to grub-forward social site? You probably haven't been doing that too much in recent weeks.

That's because a number of our favorite restaurants have moved to a takeout/delivery system in response to the pandemic, while big chefs and cuisine-creative teams have temporarily back-burner'd any new openings.

But here's something full of hope: Future-forward things are still happening in our region's eatery-strong universe, even as dine-in options remain shuttered as we remain close to home.

Look to the brand-new Burritos Locos, from The Madera Group, the outfit behind piquant places like Toca Madera and Tocaya Organica.

Burritos Locos was created as a way to bring employees in The Madera Group back to work, a "hugely important" goal for the team.

As for the burrito-obsessed public, which feels, truth be told, like all of us?

We can find an array of ready-to-order burritos on the menu, including Pablo's Spicy Beef ("spicy beef, fried serrano peppers, arbol salsa, crema, onion and cilantro mix, cheese blend, mexican rice, and black beans") and a Nashville Hot Chicken ("organic diablo chicken, nashville-style hot sauce, bread and butter pickles, crema, mexican rice, and pinto beans").

There are other tempting picks, and the chance to "Go Loco" on any order. That could mean fries with your burrito, or Loco sauce, or perhaps both, if you're feeling both.

And we're in a moment where "feeling both" is an emotion that a lot of burrito buffs might understandably be embracing.

The delivery zone for Burritos Locos includes Westwood, West Hollywood, Downtown LA, Hollywood, Toluca Lake, and Playa Vista. If you're in one of those locales, use Postmates to place your burritoful order, any day of the week, from 11 a.m. to 10 at night.

Because burritos any time? Always perfect. And a new burrito concept, just when a new burrito concept would be ultra-pleasing? This is a bright spot, as burrito-based developments usually (always) are.

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