Pasadena Restaurant Week, the Takeout Edition, Is Here

Love that Crown City cuisine? Local eateries are connecting with their fans while reminding us that they're still making delicious eats.

Erik Witsoe/EyeEm/Visit Pasadena

What to Know

  • Celebrating the eateries of the Crown City
  • Through May 2
  • Dine-in is closed at all restaurants, but takeout and delivery options are available

If you adore Old Pasadena, its alleys and vintage storefronts and buildings that recall a different era, then chances are strong that you've grabbed a snack along Colorado Boulevard, or tried a taco or salad or ice cream cake or all of the above while visiting a local eatery.

Those eateries are now closed, temporarily, due to the coronavirus response. But the hardworking staffs are still creating memorable meals, the foodstuffs we can pick up or have delivered, depending upon how the dining destination's current policy.

In that spirit, the team behind Pasadena Restaurant Week has decided to throw a party of sorts, by making the current restaurant week all about the takeout possibilities found around town.

And there are quite a few, with dozens of participants. Do you love Bone Kettle, Crack Shack Pasadena, The Raymond 1886, or Mijares Mexican Restaurant? They're all on the list for a Restaurant Week "... with a twist."

The weeklong event is on through Sunday, May 2.

Eager to find out what a particular restaurant might be offering in terms of a Restaurant Week-style menu? Some may have them up, some may not, but the vibe remains: Supporting our favorite establishments is an important way to connect with our community, and the many people who work at our local restaurants, right now.

This is the eighth annual Restaurant Week, but if you know your Pasadena food history, you know it also features a rather quirky event in January: Cheeseburger Week.

Why? Because the cheeseburger was invented in the mountain-close city, nearly a century ago.

Of course, it doesn't have to be Cheeseburger Week for you to enjoy a cheeseburger.

Several of the spots on the Restaurant Week roster make cheeseburgers all year long; peruse and remember your tried-and-true taquerias, burger joints, and pasta places now.

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