Santa Monica

There's a New Fancy, Four-Patty Burger in Town

Find "The Quad" at Pop's Burgers and Shakes on the Third Street Promenade. Can you go Impossible instead of beef? Yep.

Pop's Burgers and Shakes

What to Know

  • Pop's Burgers & Shakes
  • The Quad boasts four patties (Creekstone Farms Beef or Impossible Burger)
  • March 14 opening day; active duty military receive a free meal and veterans can enjoy 50% off

What makes a burger a burger is truly up to the palate, taste, and preference of the beholder, or, rather, the burger holder.

For every burgerist has their go-to condiments, their top toppings, the urge to cheese-out or ditch the dairy, and the bun? That's a whole other category of passionate contention.

But if you're a four-patty kind of person? You're probably not going to come across your preferred cuisine in too many burger shops. You will, however, if you call upon the Third Street Promenade on Saturday, March 14.

For that's when Pop's Burgers & Shakes opens, an eatery that will offer array of handheld, bun-based noshables and creamy vegan confections, too.

But The Quad, a towering offering that is as sky-high as burgers come, will surely be on the menu's superstars.

The patty quartet isn't the only headline-generating part of this meal, though.

It's got red wine sauce, which is not a typical addition to a burger, and grass-fed butter, too. The seasoning? It's made in-house. And adding oomph to it all are pickles, caramelized onions, and American cheese.

The beef is Creekstone Farms, but you can order it Impossible-style, meaning your patty is plant-based.

Something sweet about opening day at Pop's? If you're an active duty military member, your meal is free on March 14, and veterans receive 50% off at the celebration.

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