These Famous Vintage Venues Now Have an Online Shop

Need to stock up on Tail o'the Pup wear or something cute from Idle Hour? The 1933 Group's brand-new store just debuted.

1933 Group

What to Know

  • The 1933 Group
  • Tail o'the Pup, Bigfoot Lodge, Idle Hour, and several other classic SoCal hangouts are represented
  • T-shirts, glassware, and more items are for sale

If your daydreams frequently ramble back to meeting friends for a beer at a favorite bar, you most definitely are not alone in your foam-based fantasies.

Many Southern Californians dearly miss being social over a sip and snacks, and they miss enjoying the moment while seated in a special room or space.

Our region has so many pretty places that can easily be deemed special or even spectacular, and The 1933 Group is home to several of them.

If you know the nightlife organization's taverns and restaurants, then you surely know that Idle Hour, a restaurant that occupies that historic barrel-shaped building in North Hollywood, is in The 1933 Group's family, as is Highland Park Bowl, the former bowling alley (and now a retro-cool eatery) located on Figueroa Street.

And you know about Tail o'the Pup, of course, and Bigfoot Lodge, obviously, and the other atmospheric spots that fall under the company's vintage-cool umbrella.

Now there's a way to show your support for these bars and eateries during a difficult time, and also show up in merchandise that shows your local fandom.

For The 1933 Group just launched an online shop, and it brims with stylish t-shirts, tote bags, and even bowling balls, too.

They're themed to the various establishments, so if you're seeking a classic key fob from the Formosa Cafe or a zingy top from Bigfoot Lodge ("Bigfoot Doesn't Believe in You Either"), you're in luck.

And that this is all happening just ahead of the holidays? You might find something sweet for the sweet friend you last saw over a pint of suds.

The grateful, better-days-ahead message from The 1933 Group?

"Since you can't come raise a glass with us quite yet, at least you can have a reminder of your favorite local bar right at home."

"We greatly appreciate your continued support to keep us afloat in a difficult time."

"Cheers to good health!"

Cheers to that upbeat message, and cheers to memories of favorite Los Angeles hangouts, and dreams of when we can one day return.

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