This Rad Deal for ‘I Like Scary Movies' Is Not So Scary

The spooky, selfie-focused fantasia is offering a scream-worthy deal for the remainder of its DTLA run.

What to Know

  • $29
  • Through Nov. 17, 2019
  • HD Buttercup Building, 2118 E. 7th Place

If you're inside a scary movie, you're probably A) plotting how to outwit the monster or B) hiding in a corner, ready to spring on the monster or C) sitting on a branch, ready to jump down on the monster or D) some other place that allows you to confront the creature from the title in a sudden and surprising fashion.

In short? You're on the go, or ready to be on the move, at a moment's notice.

You don't have time to stop and really look at the scenery, whether that scenery involves the woods or a boardwalk or a seemingly innocent suburban street.

But there is a place that's themed to eerie flicks, and it invites every guest to slow down and look around.

There are even ample opportunities to stop and take a few snapshots, which the hero never really has time to do inside a fright film (if they try, the monster often just paws the camera out of their hands).

It's I Like Scary Movies, the walk-through, snap-a-selfie experience previously seen on the Miracle Mile. Now it is in DTLA, through Nov. 17, and it has lowered the entry price to $29 for the remainder of its 2019 run.

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The former price? It was $39, so call this savings a terrifying tenner.

The code you'll need to score the savings? THANKYOULA.

And that's right, we said through Nov. 17. This isn't just a Halloween-y kind of deal.

The artist Maximillian has found fanciful and fearsome inspiration in "The Shining," "It," "A Nightmare on Elm Street," "Beetlejuice," and "Friday the 13th," creating backdrops and environments that put a twist on the films we know so well.

And, yes, Camp Crystal Lake fans, the "Friday the 13th" area is new to the DTLA version of I Like Scary Movies. So if you visited the Miracle Mile pop-up, you haven't yet seen Jason in all of his hockey-maskian menace.

Halloween vibes continue, into the first half of November, and with a sweet (not scary) deal in the wicked works, too. 

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