This Step Dancer Brought Holiday Cheer to a SoCal Street

Carrie Malloy spent part of St. Patrick's Day dancing for passersby at a South Pasadena intersection.

Carrie Malloy/Shelly Allen Art

Many of us are wondering how we can connect with our community, and bring a smile during this challenging time, even as we practice social distancing.

Accomplished step dancer and instructor Carrie Malloy had an idea on St. Patrick's Day: Why not take her effervescent art form to the street, along with a merry message for a happy holiday?

That's just what the much-awarded dancer, who runs an Irish Dance school in Alhambra and a number of surrounding cities, did on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

And if you drove or strolled by the corner of Mission Street and Fremont Avenue in South Pasadena, you likely saw Ms. Malloy dancing in her grand and traditional regalia.

Filmmaker Masataka Asaoka filmed a few moments of Ms. Malloy's performance, under the header "Dancing no matter what."

Mr. Asaoka's wish? To keep the "love and joy" strong during this time by sharing positive moments such as this one.

Ms. Malloy wanted to share the spirit of a highly social holiday that was being celebrated at home in 2020, due to the COVID-19 response.

Her kind-hearted effort seemed to touch many people, as several passersby did take videos and snap photos of the surprise performance.

Will buskering, from a distance, grow during this time, as a way to bring more cheer and summon more smiles? As people miss attending the cultural events they love?

Perhaps Ms. Malloy is on the front wave of sharing art, in a socially distanced way, in public spaces.

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