This Week: ‘Amaluna' Bewitches the LA Waterfront

Cirque du Soleil's goddess-filled tale takes the plunge in San Pedro.

Cirque du Soleil's "Amaluna": Ever feel you're standing in the middle of a tempest, or, well, "The Tempest"? Then point your boat in the direction of the LA Waterfront, in San Pedro, where a show under the Grand Chapiteau will use Shakespeare's famous tale as a jumping-off point, inspiration-wise. The island you'll visit is ruled by goddesses, and the athletic acts and circus-cool expertise will include teeterboards, uneven bars, a waterbowl, and more. Opening date for this mystery-imbued performance? It all begins April 25.

Lobby Tribute to Lucille Ball: The powerhouse Hollywood visionary, who also happened to be a comedic legend, passed away 30 years ago this week. The Hollywood Museum will recall Ms. Ball with a week-long lobby tribute, beginning on April 25. See mementos from her career, as well as the famous "Redhead Room" (where Ms. Ball famously received her Titian locks, thanks to make-up honcho Max Factor), through to May 1 (though possibly longer).

Newport Beach Film Festival: While the fall months can fill up with flicks of prestige, we shouldn't expect our cinematic spectaculars to only pop up at the close of the calendar. Look to Newport Beach, which marks springtime with a cinema-rich feast of acclaimed films and soon-to-be-buzzed-about works. Coming up at the 2019 extravaganza, which just happens to be the fest's 20th anniversary? "The Tomorrow Man," plus several movies from around the planet. The dates for all of this popcorn-up goodness? Be in the Orange County hamlet from April 25 through May 2.

"Carpenters Remembered": It feels almost impossible to cruise through Downey without cranking "Superstar" on the AM radio." After all, Karen and Richard Carpenter were Downey denizens, and the rich music they created has that local magic. That magic'll flourish on Thursday, April 25 at the Downey Theatre when performer Michelle Berting Brett revisits some of the duo's divine songs. By the by, 2019 is the 50th anniversary of The Carpenters signing with A&M records, making it a celebratory year, indeed.

Final Grilled Cheese Night: Oh goodness, but did April go by in a flurry and a rush. Which, all told, is a twinge sad, as it is one of the loveliest months, and certainly the floweriest, and it also has a major feather in its cap. Or, er, crust on its bread: It's Grilled Cheese Month. La Brea Bakery has been celebrating, every Thursday night in April, with a special trio of luxe grilled cheese sandwiches, made with, of course, the most excellent La Brea bread. We've arrived at the final one of 2019, on Thursday, April 25, so best get there pronto to scoop up all the G.C. you can handle, grilled-cheesers.

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