This Week: Final 2019 El Segundo Art Walk

The free happening, which includes activities, opportunities to buy craft brews, and neighborhood-y to-dos, is wrapping up.

El Segundo Art Walk: All seasons have a way of flowing into their final days, but the end of summer has a tang of bittersweetness. Are you already tasting that particular tang? Then make the most of outdoor events, like this one, which is, yes, heading into its final installment of 2019 on Thursday, Aug. 15. It's a free, hobnob-it-up, saunter-around celebration of community, creativity, live tunes, make-something-yourself opportunities, and, yes, of the area's excellent craft breweries. So many things are of the pay-nothing variety at the event, but if you want to nosh at one of El Seg's super eateries, show with cash or payment.

Black Restaurant Week: Southern California is home to some sublime showings of sup-around, multi-day spectaculars, the kind of cool to-dos that spotlight a particular food or style of cookery. This is one of the best, a terrific food-focused festivity truly lasts a week — Aug. 11 through 18 are the dates — and features a trio of cuisines in the savory spotlight: African-American, African, and Caribbean. Participating venues? Some biggies are on the list, including Dulan's on Crenshaw, Harold & Belle's, and Bayou Grille. And on Aug. 18? Enjoy the Nosh Culinary Showcase at Vector90. All of the delicious must-knows? Find them now.

Maisel Day: Finding our way back through the decades, to 1959, might be tricky without some sort of enchanted portal. But we can discover deals throughout Los Angeles on Thursday, Aug. 15. Why? Because Amazon Prime Video is celebrating "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," its hit series, with loads of discounts and specials that are priced as though it is the year from the show (yep, 1959). A pastrami for 99 cents at Canter's? A great deal on See's Candies at The Grove and in Pacific Palisades? Start here, and be sure to check if your desired deal is only available during certain hours or by advance reservation.

Woodstock Turns 50: Thinking of marking one of the most iconic music come-togethers of all time by listening to some vintage vinyl, all to summon that on-the-farm feeling? You can go a little further, by a screening of the director's cut of "Woodstock," the lauded documentary. Yep, this is a long one, coming in at 3:44, so plan accordingly (screenings begin at select local cinemas at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 15). Will you wear the jeans you wore a half century ago? Or were you born decades after the event, and feel a desire to dip into its rich pop culture history as it jams on into its 50th anniversary? Rock on.

Art Battle Los Angeles: For the most part? Creative people like to daydream when alone, and fashioning a story, a sculpture, the perfect dessert, or a painting? That, too, can require some by-myself concentration. But Art Battle takes a whole different route into exuberant expressions of creativity: It puts brushes to canvases in front of a rapt crowd. Look for "... 3 fast-paced rounds of live painting" to go down at Exchange LA on Wednesday, Aug. 14. And, for sure, you'll be able to vote on all of the colorful action. The pieces made before you? You can bid on them at a silent auction.

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