This Week: Seasonal Ice Rinks Arrive

ICE at Santa Monica enjoys its grand opening; other icy faves are soon to follow.

ICE at Santa Monica: Bundling up for the grand opening of this annual outdoor rink in DTSM? You can probably leave your heavy jacket at home, though mittens might be nice. It's the start of seasonal ice rink season around Southern California, and this favorite, which has popped up at the corner of 5th Street and Arizona Avenue over the last several years, each and every early November, will officially kick things off on Thursday, Nov. 7. If you can't make the opening night, be cheered: It will be pirouetting right through to Jan. 20, 2020. UPDATE: Ice at Santa Monica is experiencing technical difficulties so the grand opening is postponed.

Feinstein's at Vitellos: The live performance calendar is full of gifts at the moment, from theater to comedy, as is November's very nice way. And a treat for those people who adore the American Songbook, as well as a host of quintessential interpreters of the great tunes? Michael Feinstein, the founder of still-new supper club Feinstein's at Vitello's, will return to the Valley venue for a special engagement filled with his special friends. Melissa Manchester and Eric McCormack are both on the roster, and tickets are still available. He's there for several nights, too, beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Meteorites and Moon Rocks Auction: We earthlings have always long to connect with space. We might erect a powerful telescope on the back patio, or name a star after a loved one, or consume every documentary about space travel out there. But a number of collectors will find a different way to touch the cosmos on Saturday, Nov. 9 when Andrew Jones Auctions in DTLA hosts the West Coast's inaugural sale of meteorites and moon rocks. Can't make it to the moon to see the rocks there? There's a catalog, so take a peek now of what's zooming to this earthbound auction.

Fantastic Planet: Suddenly spying a sizable sculpture, one that has some glow, a piece that has the distinct shape of a person? You're bound to slow your roll and take a closer look. And closer looks shall be taken, at Figat7th, through Nov. 10. For artist Amanda Parer's "Fantastic Planet" is on view, and you can see them for free, too. These "gentle, yet curious giants" are made for snapshots, but you might simply wish to stand and contemplate the message behind these gargantuan humanoid figures. And, for sure: They take inspiration from the '70s classic "Fantastic Planet," if that's a favorite film of yours.

DTLA Delights: 'Tis the season to say "'tis the season" a lot, but, truth be told? We're not quite 'tis-ing the season quite yet. Still, the evening is coming, and coming soon, when we'll want to get a bit fancy, and wear our frilliest finery, and head downtown for a stylish and inspired cocktail. A quartet of cocktails that meet that bill just debuted at Hotel Indigo, including the Banana Fashioned, which is a fruit-strong take on the Old Fashioned. And at Le Grand? A new Bottle & Board Happy Hour offering just debuted. Enjoy a charcuterie board, and a bottle of wine (red or white), for $35. Cheers to the party season, which soon will be here, 'tis true.

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