Time to Plan for Fall, Mega Pumpkin Fans

It's April, but autumn will reign at an Irvine Park Railroad pumpkin-growing forum.

Irvine Park Railroad

What to Know

  • Saturday, April 27 at 9 a.m.
  • Irvine Park Railroad
  • The first 30 families to sign-in will receive complimentary seeds and seedlings

Your mother may have correctly told you that good things take time, and effort, and commitment, and a day-in-day-out devotion to the cause.

And if your mom had pulled out a photograph of a giant pumpkin, while breaking down this worthy life lesson, she'd have been totally in the right wheelhouse.

For planting, cultivating, and producing a gargantuan gourd? The kind of seed-filled superstar that may ultimately weigh hundreds of pounds?

The Scene

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It's the very essence of "in it to win it," of sticking to a big plan over the long haul. 

A number of Southern California pumpkin enthusiasts understand just this kind of commitment. And, each spring, then summer, then early fall, they work on creating colossal pumpkins, the kind of stem-toppers that score big prizes.

One of the biggest spots 'round these parts to exhibit an enormous squash is Irvine Park Railroad, which holds a Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off each September. But long before that, in the spring, pros gather to share tips on how to grow a titan in the garden.

That day is nearly here. You'll want to get to the Orange-based attraction on Saturday, April 27, at 9 a.m., and if you're on the first 30 families to show, get excited: "FREE giant pumpkin seedlings will be given to the first 30 families to sign in on the say of the event."

Fertilizing your fantastic-of-size fruit, tending to it, and helping it to plump out, all summer long, will serve as a few of the topics of the day.

Need a dose of autumn in your springtime? The starting line for giant pumpkin growing is just about in sight, fall fans.

After all, as your mom probably told you, good things take time. Here's another way to say just that: Prodigiously sized pumpkins don't pop up in the patch overnight.

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