Father's Day

Treats to Meats: Father's Day Gets Flavorful Around SoCal

Randy's Donuts is saluting pops with a "Dad"-topped treat, while Umami Burger launches a hearty new brunch on the holiday.

Umami Burger/Randy's Donuts/Chocolate and the Chip

What to Know

  • Sunday, June 20
  • Randy's Donuts has a special "Dad"-topped goodie
  • Umami Burger's new brunch launches on Father's Day

Running out for doughnuts with Dad, before the rest of the house is stirring?

It's a sweet memory for many former kids, the kind of "our thing" errand that takes on additional emotion and heft as the years pass.

But the sweetest part of going out to pick up sweet treats? It's a tradition that can you can launch at any time, on any day of the year, including one of the most meaningful days on the Dad-themed calendar.

That's Father's Day, of course, and in 2021 the yay-for-Dad day is happening on Sunday, June 20.

If you're keen to start going on doughnut runs with your pops, or maybe you want to do brunch at a favorite burger joint or kick back in a diner booth, there are appetizing options around Southern California.

Randy's Donuts has a bright blue treat saluting Dads everywhere. It's available through June 20, at every Randy's in the region (including the newest location in Costa Mesa), but supplies are limited, as you might imagine. Inside this temptation, which is $2.85? Bavarian cream, with blue vanilla icing adding exterior oomph.

Umami Burger is launching brunch on Father's Day, and the menu is both hearty and imaginative (as you might have guessed, knowing the company's devotion to artisanal burgers). Cornflake Fried Chicken and Waffles is one choice (the maple syrup boasts Sriracha), while the Pastrami Hash rocks a Truffle Fondue.

Chocolate and the Chip is baking BACON + BOURBON Cookies in honor of the holiday. Does your Dad have a fondness for find spirits and breakfast meats, as well as an unstoppable sweet tooth? The treat-making pros will be at Boomtown Brewery on June 19; find out more about ordering now.

Guerrilla Tacos is hosting the Pari Mi Papa Backyard BBQ on Sunday, June 20. There are two seatings at the Arts District destination, so you'll want to reserve in advance. The chow-down choices are amazing, from rib-eye to smoked fish to brisket or chicken, with all the complementary sides. Get prices and info, then book your spot.

Union and U Street Pizza are doing a "one day only" event in honor of Father's Day, and it is all about the porchetta. Chef Chris Keyser will serve the "classic porchetta" at Union, while pizza lovers can enjoy a porchetta-topped pie. The special porchetta includes "Fresno chile and rosemary-rubbed and slow roasted Marin Sun Farms pork belly and loin (from Duroc pigs) served with smoked pancetta and garlic pan sauce, farmer's market shelling beans, Weiser Farms potatoes, and arugula with bagna cauda vinaigrette." Do make reservations ahead of time.

NORMS Restaurants has long been a stop for families looking to do breakfast together or grab a piece of pie after a game or movie. To honor Dads, your local NORMS will have a buy one, get one deal through Sunday, June 20. Buy an entrée and enjoy a second entrée, that's equal or lower in price, for free. This is good for dine-in orders as well as orders to go.

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