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Try Hand-Stomping Lemonade at This Hot Dog on a Stick Celebration

The Muscle Beach location is throwing a grand reopening party; visitors can enjoy a free small lemonade and the opportunity to "stomp" lemons.

Hot Dog on a Stick

What to Know

  • The original Hot Dog on a Stick at Muscle Beach
  • The Santa Monica snack shack is hosting a grand reopening, all to celebrate its new building, from 2 to 4 p.m. on April 22
  • Enjoy a small complimentary original lemonade and stomp lemons (by hand); free limited-edition swag will be available, too

Many well-known eateries boast descriptive phrases, the sorts of colorful sayings that become associated with particular restaurants over time.

"Slow-roasted" is a familiar and appetizing promise we often see on menus, as are "pan-fried" and "twice-baked."

But if you're talking "hand-stomped," then you're likely talking about one iconic chain: Hot Dog on a Stick, where the famous lemonade is created by "stomping" lemons, via a juicing device, by hand.

Customers will get the opportunity to stomp some citrus and sip a complimentary lemonade, when the original Hot Dog on a Stick hosts a grand-reopening party on Saturday, April 22.

The small building, which is as synonymous with batter-dipped corn dogs as it is lemonade, is just steps from Muscle Beach near Santa Monica Pier.

The first structure, a beloved space known for its boxy shape, appeared near the sand in 1946. But after a long run, the company determined it was time for a new building, with updated features; the new-but-still-boxy building debuted in 2022.

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The company sought to "keep the nostalgic look and feel of the original location" when the new building was constructed, which means that the bright red exterior, white "Hot Dog on a Stick" lettering, and sizeable walk-up window were all carefully recreated.

Or "skate-up" or "bike-up" window, if that's your vibe; after all, this is next to The Strand, that rollicking ribbon of non-motorized beach-close recreation.

The April 22 event will take place in the sunshiny heart of the afternoon, from 2 to 4 p.m., a pretty perfect time for a lemonade-flavored lark. The freebie small lemonades will be available during those two hours, and that's when you'll get your chance to hand-stomp some lemons, too.

Past employees will be gathering for a large group shot and to share memories, and as for finding some colorful swag?

Look for limited-edition goodies to play a part in the party.

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