Underwood's Animal Center Is Reopening

The goat-iest go-to in Moorpark will return on Oct. 1, the opening day of Fall Harvest on the Farm.

Underwood Family Farms

What to Know

  • Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark
  • Fall Harvest on the Farm is Oct. 1-31
  • $8 Monday-Friday, $15 Saturday-Sunday; seniors (65+), military, veterans, & first responders receive an in-person $2 discount

So you say adorable snapshots of cuddly baby animals have brought you some needed smiles in recent months?

There are other baby animal aficionados out there who completely get where you're coming from. Like, you could form a club, which would certainly be the happiest club around.

For seeing a picture that features a pair of tiny flopped-over ears, and a little nubbin of a tail, and a scratch-ready belly has a way of elevating anyone's mood, even if you're viewing pictures and not the real thing.

But the real thing is returning to our worlds, or at least to Moorpark, when the Animal Center at Underwood Family Farms reopens, following a multi-month closure, on Thursday, Oct. 1.

The reopening is timed to coincide with Fall Harvest on the Farm, the month-long festival at the agricultural nexus.

The 2020 festivity is a different take on autumn-based fun than you've encountered in the past at Underwood Family Farms, in consideration of pandemic safety, but you'll still find a vast pumpkin patch and activities that can incorporate social distancing.

One of those awesome activities? Viewing the critters at the Animal Center. There are several new baby goats to fall for, so prepare your best "bleats" in the hope that they may "bleat" back.

Look for rabbits, pigs, and horses, too, as well as Lucy, the big-horned Scottish Highland cow.

You may have seen Animal Center residents on the Underwood Family Farms social pages over the summer. Several sweet snaps were shared, all to keep fans updated on what was happening with births, feedings, naps, and such.

And in-person farm visitors could spy a few furry denizens from a lengthy distance, as well, but the center was officially closed.

That all changes on Oct. 1, when critter cuteness returns to the lives of families making for the Moorpark destination. Do note the safety policies of the farm before you go, and admission prices and hours, too.

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