Unicorn Pop Tarts Now in DTLA, Enchanted Eaters

The magical snack is a limited-time menu item at Nimbus Coffee.

What to Know

  • Nimbus Coffee
  • 1115 S. Hope Street
  • Spider decorations, and other seasonal touches, are now on view

Seeking out magical moments is just a solid, life-affirming plan, whatever the date on the calendar happens to be.

But we keep our peepers peeled a bit more keenly around Halloween, in terms of staying vigilant for ethereal experiences, delightful decorations, and the sort of happenings that elevate the daily ho-hummery just a little.

Nimbus Coffee, the DTLA coffeehouse that find fantastical inspiration in the Harry Potter books, keeps the whimsy strong throughout the calendar through a host of style touches, cleverly named dishes, and a costumes-are-cool atmosphere.

Late October, however, ups the spooky fun, in a multitude of ways. 

Planning on touching your broomstick down at the Hope Street gathering place? Look for several Halloween-themed decorations, with "Follow the spiders" serving as a guide.

There may be a photograph or two in the restroom that change into unearthly beings as you move in front of them.

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And on the menu?

There are pretty toaster tarts that draw their magic from the unicorn. The flavor, though? It's actually not unicorn but a tasty cherry and orange zest, oh zing.

Are you planning to call upon Nimbus Coffee over the weekend before the haunting holiday? You'll score 10% off if you show if your wizard robe or other mystical, magical, mysterious costume.

It's a place that has a happy handle on enchanting experiences, with a delicious side of coffee and pastries, all the time. But come Halloween? The unicorn-fun nibbles come out, and the ghostly restroom portraits, and the spidery wall additions, too.

Accio yourself to the DTLA destination faster than a Golden Snitch flies.

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