Universal Monsters to Howl at Halloween Horror Nights

A certain electrified icon will square off with our favorite moon-howler at the falltime fear-tacular.

What to Know

  • Halloween Horror Nights
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Opens Sept. 13, 2019

Eek-filled etiquette? Creepy courtesy? Decorum that springs from a dastardly place?

It doesn't exist, as far as we know.

But if it did, here's one form of polite protocol that should be followed: All movie monsters, be they ghosts, aliens, or hairy beasts, would need to write heartfelt thank you notes to the Universal Monsters.

For the Universal Monsters, those beyond-epic baddies of early cinema, laid the bloodcurdling base for all future superstars of the scary cinema.

So of course they deserve their own monstrous maze at Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios Hollywood's annual falltime fear affair.

And of course they'll get it, in the autumn of 2019, when an all-new maze featuring a cadre of spooky favorites shows up for a screamful, clutch-a-friend, multi-night run.

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True, these not-so-vintage icons have all cameo'd at the maze-packed happening before, but the fresh experience'll rock new jumps, starts, and shrieks.

The theme?

Prepare for "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man," a maze that's "(l)oosely based on Universal's 1943 horror movie of the same name."

It's a "reimagined" take on the tale, one that will lead brave guests right into the heart of "the epic battle" being fought by the electrified icon and the claw-swinging lycanthrope.

Grammy-winning musician Slash'll provide the rock-it-out soundtrack, the ideal music to keep you moving through the moors you must traverse.

You'll be calling upon Dracula's castle, too, so don't breathe too easy, if you mistakenly thought you were off the hook, vampire-wise.

A trip to Frankenstein's labratory, and some Mummy-style crypt action'll only ramp up the general air of dread.

So are the Universal Monsters the product of some sepia-toned age?

Hardly. They'll be back, in a new knee-quaking adventure, all to show fear fans that every other movie monster to roar after the 1930s owes a big, big debt.

Halloween Horror Nights opens for its multi-week run on Sept. 13, 2019. Previously announced 2019 mazes include "Stranger Things" (seasons two and three) as well as a wicked, not-so-jolly jumble of our favorite holiday icons, ho ho oh no.

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