Visit 2018 Early at Kidspace's Noon Year's Eve

It's a midday revelry that boasts a classic balloon drop.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017
  • Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena
  • Balloon drop is at noon, but arriving earlier is a must

The "Visit 2018 Early" tunnel, the mysterious passageway that allows you the chance to saunter into next year, before this one is even done, and casually take a look around? All in order to get a sense of what to expect, what the weather'll be like, who among your friends is available for lunch, and what songs you'll have stuck in your head for a full third of the year?

If such a tunnel exists, the entrance is incredibly hard to find. There may even be, like, some thick branches growing over it. Locating the tunnel matters not, though, at this point: 2018 is so-almost-here we can sense its sure-to-be-awesome presence, and, if we go to a few magical places, we can welcome 2018 hours before it even arrives.

Space nor time shall be folded, but Kidspace Children's Museum will throw its annual Noon Year's Eve bash on Sunday, Dec. 31 at... wait for it... noon.

It's in the very name, and the museum is quite serious about revelers who want to experience the noontime balloon drop arriving well in advance of the midday.

The long/short of it? Everything gets going at 10 a.m., and arriving then, or very soon after, is the way to go.

Not to mention that this is all happening near the Rose Bowl, which, you won't be shocked to learn, has a lot going the following day.

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Can your tots expect old-school noisemakers and party hats? That's part of the holiday hubbub, so yes. (Well, noisemakers are part of the hubbub, while hats add to the festive look.)

Will DJs be on hand to summon 2018, twelve hours early, via a line-up of dance-tastic tunes? Greeting the new year via joyful movement seems highly fortunate, for sure.

And, again, while 2018 will be "early" at Kidspace, by a whole half day, you'll want to be early to the bash, as the Rose Bowl will be in full day-before-the-big-game mode. 

Early, early, early are the three words to watch for Kidspace Noon Year's Eve, in short. They're easy to remember, and they seem like good words to take into 2018, resolution-wise, if rising early or arriving places early are on your must-improve list.

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