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Wander South Coast Botanic Garden With Your Tail-Wagger

The Palos Verdes Peninsula-based garden's special Dog Walking Hours are coming right up, but you'll want to fetch tickets ahead of time.

South Coast Botanic Garden

What to Know

  • Sunday, Jan. 30 (with more 2022 dates to be announced)
  • $15 adult, $11 senior, $5 child; advance tickets are required
  • $5 per dog; dogs must remain leashed

Our pups are incredibly connected to the places they know, feel comfortable visiting, or boast something intriguing that our babies may want to sniff out.

Those fascinating spots may include the furthest part of your yard, the tree on the corner, or even the middle cushion of the couch (which is "their cushion," as everyone in the family knows).

But stoking your canine's curiosity is also a wise course of action, to keep their spirits up and their mind engaged.

And an easy route to do those things? Taking a new route, all to let your Lassie explore some fresh territory, new pathways, and a different space than the one they roam in, each and every single day.

The dog-loving team at South Coast Botanic Garden wants to give our four-legged pals a novel adventure, and also treat the dogs' humans to a bevy of blossoms and beams (of the sun variety).

Pups aren't typically allowed at the Palos Verdes Peninsula expanse, which rambles over 87 tree-laden, shrub-spectacular acres, but there's a big "but" involved, and it is this: Special days devoted to dogs do pop up on the garden's calendar.

And the first animal-friendly occasion is trotting our way on Jan. 30.

This means that, if you purchase an advance ticket (that would be one for you and one for your pooch), you can call upon the pretty place with your furry friend at your side.

Just make sure there's a leash involved, and that you read up on the rules and dog ordinances before you buy your tickets (a canine admission is $5, and is separate from the human tickets, yep).

Most of the garden will be available to humans and hounds, except for the Koi Pond, where a no-go plant (it's harmful to our pups) grows.

Likewise, the Rose Garden will need to be admired from afar, if you're with your animal.

Everywhere else? Hurrah: Houndly happiness awaits, as your lil' guy gets to trot, sniff, and become acquainted with unusual smells, sights, and experiences.

Jan. 30, by the by, is a Sunday, a day that typically finds our Fidos occupying that middle couch cushion.

Treat them to something different, delightful, and full of nose-forward, sunshine-bright beauty before the first month of the year trots away.

More special dog-focused days? Those will be coming up, so watch the South Coast Botanic Garden social feeds.

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