Santa Monica Mountains

Watermelon-Loving Coyote Spied on Local Trail Cam

The fruit-fancying animal was seen scampering in the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area.

National Park Service

What to Know

  • Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area
  • Find out more about a CSUN + NPS study spotlighting coyote diets
  • 500+ miles of trails through the region

When spring draws closer, we start to think of lighter foodstuffs, the delicious berries and lettuces and healthy goodies you typically find around the produce aisle.

But coyotes?

They're not known to patronize produce aisles or fruit stands. Still, though, the wild canines clearly have a taste for melon, as a stunning snapshot from the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area reveals.

The just-released picture, taken not by a photographer but a trail cam, features an on-the-move coyote carrying a sizable piece of watermelon.

No surprise: It's a photograph that has captured the fancy of nature fans on social media. And adding to the Facebook post? A note from the National Park Service detailing a recent study comparing the eating habits of urban and suburban coyotes.

We share our region with many of these critters, and to find out more about their diets is essential in our understanding of our furry, not-so-far-off neighbors.

For more on the animals, how they eat, and other science-cool findings, click.

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