Weekend: CicLAvia, Culver City-Venice

Skate or stroll from downtown Culver to the beach (and back).

CicLAvia: How to appropriately honor the close of the first week of spring? You can leap through some daffodils, or blow some bubbles, or you can hop on your bicycle and ride between Venice and Culver City. Six miles of major streetage — hello Venice, hello Washington — will say "nope" to cars as cyclists, skaters, saunterers, and cartwheelers take to the asphalt, for free. Will people really cartwheel between Culver City and Venice on Sunday, March 26? It's an act as zingy as spring. Also zingy? CicLAvia is totally free.

Free LA Opera Open House: Ohhh, the Drama, capital D, hoo boy. And the longing looks, high notes, complicated love affairs, and eternal arias. Want to know the opera world a bit better, or meet it for the first time? There's an annual open house for that, one that takes people, adults and kids alike, on a costume-cool, wig-amazing, peek-backstage adventure. The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion is the stunning setting, of course, the must-do list is lengthy (live singing performances are absolutely a part), and Sunday, March 26 is the date.

Vegan Street Fair: Summer is so tantalizingly close at hand, and yet? The major foodie on-the-boulevard bashes aren't yet a thing. Except, asterisk, this one, in North Hollywood, a late-morning-to-early-evening edible-tacular that's all about yummy eats based upon an array of plants. There's a beer garden, too, and an easy-to-reach spot: Chandler Boulevard, right near the North Hollywood Metro stop. Date/time? 11 a.m./Sunday, March 26 

Silent Film, Live Score: If you've always wanted to see Mexico's famous "El Autómovil Gris," a film that'll turn 100 in only two years, and you've longed to see it with tunes played right there, near the screen, you're in some luck: The Frida Cinema in Santa Ana has your rare chance on Saturday, March 25. Troker is at the instruments, doing the live score presentation, and the early-cinematic thrills are up on the big screen.

Earth Hour: Where will you be at 8:29 on Saturday, March 25? You might be standing near a lamp, with your hand on the switch, ready to shut it off for the following 60 minutes. For Earth Hour, at points around the planet, reminding humans of what it means to care for the planet. This means a number of big sites will go fully dark, including the Pacific Wheel at Santa Monica Pier. Of course, you can observe at home, too, by dimming the illumination in honor of the important moment.

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