Weekend: Nisei Week Celebration

The Rubik's Cube Open and other traditional to-dos fill the final farewell.

76th Nisei Week Japanese Festival: It's one of our city's most event-packed and historic festivals, and its final weekend will be a flurry of hallowed and happy happenings. A dance- and music-packed closing ceremony, the Rubik's Cube Open, a number of art-sweet, history-mindful demonstrations, and car show, and lots more fill up Little Tokyo, the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, and the surrounding neighborhood through Sunday, Aug. 21.

Echo Park Rising: At the heart of this annual tunes-and-everything four-dayer is the neighborhood of Echo Park and its plentiful enjoyments. Think "music, creativity, diversity, and small businesses," all of which will lend the festival its oomph. Look for a bevy of showcases and shows at area venues, and quite possibly your next favorite band. Aug. 18 through 21

LA Taco Festival: Do you prefer your foldable, meat and cheese-laden foodstuffs with extra salsa? Sans salsa? With an extra squeeze of lime or additional helping of cotija? Get over to Grand Park on Saturday, Aug. 20 for a spicy swath of food-truckery, live tunes, and big-heartedness. Jovenes, Inc. is the 6th annual event's beneficiary, and while admission to the fest is free donations are most welcome.

Slurpee BYO Cup Day: So you say it is the morning of Friday, Aug. 19 or Saturday, Aug. 20, and you just washed your coffee pot, and suddenly you're in the mood for some frosty summer-style beverage action? Grab the carafe, or another large vessel, and make for a participating 7-Eleven. You can fill up any cup (within reason) for $1.50, and savor Slurpee-o-sity in honor of the drink's 50th anniversary. 

Art Deco Festival: The Queen Mary couldn't be more 1930s-ish in style if it was re-imagined by a set designer, thanks to its woodsy details, gleaming handrails, and other swirls and flourishes. Fans of this look gather each year on the Long Beach-based ship for tours, talks, and dressy parties. Have something a bit vintage to wear in the hat or suit or frock department? The good-time-having is happening through Sunday, Aug. 21.

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