Wiltern Swing Dance: Summer Series Opens

Tie on the saddle shoes and shimmy at one of our city's most sublime vintage venues.

Beyond a super-duper song, and we're talking a real zazzy number here, the kind that gets the ol' fingers snapping, what makes you tap your toes?

That's a brain-twizzler, because only music, at first glance, seems to possess this particular power over us.

And yet... There are certain physical structures that are so associated with memorable sound-making, and once-in-a-lifetime concerts, and general cool-a-tude that the mere sight of them can set our toes, and feet, to tapping, even without hearing a tune.

The Wiltern is one such superstar sight, and hardly any back-up is needed on that claim: The Wilshire Boulevard landmark has been around for over 85 years, and in that time millions of toes have been tapped within its glamourously green walls.

Making it the ideal setting for a Swing Dance Summer Series, the kind of warm-of-night hoop-di-do that thematically hearkens back to the Art Deco space's earliest days, like 'round about the 1930s and '40s.

The three nights to come — June 11, July 9, and Aug. 13, all Sundays — will each pay tribute to a particular decade. June 11 is the rockin' '50s, July 9 is all about the Roaring Twenties, and Aug. 13 will love upon the 1940s, swing-style.

The Crown City Bombers are the band for the June 11 evening.

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Tickets are free for the second-Sunday-of-the-month series, but best reserve before you go. And if you want to take part in an early-in-the-night dance class, led by expert teachers, you can, but those do have a fee. All the 411 you desire? Shuffle this way.

Should you dress the part? Saddle shoes, crinoline, suspenders, Brylcreem, and all? Goodness, yes, you should, if you have the throwback togs at the ready. Consider, after all, that The Wiltern will be wearing its Art Deco, straight-from-the-past best, and guests will be inspired to live up to the venue's vavoom.

A venue that has kept toes tapping since 1931, and continues, with dash and dance, through the summer of 2017.

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