Yellow Watermelon, Zingy Raspberries Sweeten Summer Days

You can find the colorful melon at both Tanaka Farms and Underwood Family Farms, while Underwood has ripe raspberries ready for picking.

Tanaka Farms/Underwood Family Farms

What to Know

  • Both Tanaka Farms and Underwood Family Farms have yellow watermelons on their produce stand shelves
  • Underwood Family Farms also has u-pick raspberries in Moorpark and Somis, available for $4.29/pound (entry is ticketed separately)
  • Tanaka Farms is located in Irvine

July possesses a certain expansiveness, a general wow-a-tude that extends to just about everything that happens within the month.

Shows filled with sparkling fireworks? They tend to be on the big side. Mountain thunderstorms? Always dramatic. The fruits that hit their peak right around the midpoint of the month? Pretty showy, and splendid, as far as fabulous fruits go.

Examples A and B? The yellow watermelons and red raspberries currently enjoying their tasty times in the center of the Southern California spotlight.

You can find the watermelon, which really does have a sunshine hue, at a number of places around the region, including the produce stands at Tanaka Farms in Irvine and Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark.

These melons aren't for picking, but rather purchasing, keep in mind.

And here is something as sweet as a cold slice of yellow-lovely, super-juicy fruit: You can go through the drive-thru at Tanaka Farms, if it is too toasty to leave your car.

As for the taste?

Tanaka Farms posted this charming summary earlier in July: "For those of you who have never tried it and wonder what it tastes tastes like...watermelon!"

But some fans claim that this melon's singular ".. sweetness is more honey-like than red watermelon." Pick one or two up and have a taste test at home, to see what the family thinks.

If you're in the Moorpark area, you can find yellow watermelon at Underwood Family Farms.

And if you can stay to enjoy some u-pick time? Be cheered: Raspberries on the vine have arrived at both the Moorpark and Somis locations.

The ripe times for Underwood's luscious raspberries should continue into the middle of October, if you're keen to pair your raspberry-themed visit with some of the fall activities headed to the farm's Moorpark location.

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