You Can Now Zoom With a Puppet

Schedule a virtual chat and help support the Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

Bob Baker Marionette Theater/Kenny Lam

What to Know

  • Bob Baker Marionette Theater (temporarily closed)
  • $150 (the funds help support the theater); book at least a week ahead of time
  • You can customize your 30-minute call with a theater tour, puppet show, Q&A, more

Hopping on a quick Zoom meeting, friend catch-up, family reunion, or gossip sesh?

You're likely not too nervous or worked up. You know the other people on the Zoom, what topics they'll likely address, and what you might say, too.

But what if you knew you had a Zoom meeting on your schedule that most definitely had some strings attached?

You might be a little nervous, or jittery, but there's no need for either emotion. Rather, the chance to Zoom with one of the marionettes from the celebrated Bob Baker Marionette Theater should only fill a potential Zoomer with joy, magic, and delight.

This new and sprightly service is now available, for $150, a fanciful fundraiser for the long-running children's theater.

The Live Zoom Puppet Experience was recently launched by the Bob Baker team, a new and whimsical way to make at-home birthdays special.

The half-hour puppet/person party is a live, before-your-eyes happening, one that 100 of your friends and family members can join.

Can you customize your celebration? You absolutely can. Will there be a puppeteer present? There will be. Think of the human puppeteer as every puppet's real-world BFF.

Will it be the sort of birthday moment you or your child or your spouse or your puppet-obsessed pal will remember forever? We're not yanking your string when we think it just might be.

The effervescent upshot, straight from the Highland Park theater?

"We can include a puppet show, Q+A Session, Theater tour, sneak peak into our archives, or have one of our famous Birthday Dogs lead a “Happy Birthday” song — just let us know! We’re here to make all of your puppet birthday dreams come true."

And sweeter than cake is the fact that you'll be helping out a local institution while it is closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking of sweet: You can go with an appetizing add-on, one that involves the famous ice cream cups served after every Bob Baker performance.

The treats will need to be shipped to your home, so do order well in advance if you'd truly like to go the distance for the marionette maven in your life.

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