Yuletide Eeks for Friday the 13th

There's a haunted house in Thousand Oaks, complete with "Scary Santa."

Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

What to Know

  • Dec. 13 and 14 in Thousand Oaks
  • $25 regular admission
  • Ages 13 and up

Just when you thought Halloween was over... oh wait.

You never actually thought Halloween was over, because this is Southern California, where it is always a little bit like October 31, whatever the date on the calendar happens to read.

And while quintessentially Halloween-y happenings, from effect-driven horror films to major monster conventions, show up around our region throughout the year, they take on a tinsel-covered, cookie-scented look when Christmas draws near.

And if you add a Friday the 13th to this cup of creepy cocoa? Oh yeah, there's probably a haunted attraction brewing.

And so there is, or should we say it 'tis, since it is December now, and it is one of the biggies: Reign of Terror, that mondo 'n monstrous Octobertime spooky spectacular, is returning for two nights of holiday-themed jumps.

But even if you've never visited the Thousand Oaks haunted attraction, worry not: You'll see plenty of the spookiness that comes out cackle near Halloween.

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Only there'll be plenty of yuletide flavor to the Dec. 13 and 14 haunted house, including a cameo by Scary Santa.

Prepare also to "weather" an indoor Wicked Wonderland, complete with "Foggy Snow Storms," and best steel yourself for a frightful Jack Frost sighting.

And are those carols playing? Kind of, if they were the kind of carols created to give you the knee quivers.

This is, as you might imagine, an event created for the 13-and-over set, so best leave the tots at home.

So will Halloween ever truly end?

In this land of movie-making, make-up wizardry, and creative home haunters, the answer is ho, ho, no way. Not when there are holiday hauntings to experience and monsters lingering near the mistletoe.

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