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Carmageddon Survival Kit



    "Carmageddon, Schmarmageddon"

    City officials proudly announce the end of Carmageddon. (Published Sunday, July 17, 2011)

    Drivers in Southern California can exhale -- we survived Carmageddon 2011.

    In between now and part 2 next year, take a look back at the highs, the lows, the hype and everything in between with our Carmageddon Survival Kit.

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    The Official Website:  Detour maps, images and construction updates.

    Carmageddon 101

    [LA] Carmageddon 101
    The freeway will be shut down in both directions between the San Fernando Valley and the Westside for more than 50 hours starting Friday night. Everything you need to know to navigate the closure is right here.
    (Published Friday, July 15, 2011)

    Detours: All the maps are organized in segments based on location, closure type and subject. Start at the top of the page with the section named “Detour Map Segments.” 

    Special Transit Service: There will be extra buses on major streets and free fares on selected bus lines.

    I-405 on Twitter: Follow the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Project on Twitter for the latest construction information.

    Carmageddon "Nerve Center"

    [LA] Caltrans Shows Off "Nerve Center" for Carmageddon
    Deep underground, there's a room full of traffic engineers keeping an eye on the traffic flow in Los Angeles.
    (Published Tuesday, July 12, 2011)

    Essential Carmageddon T-shirt: Brought to you by several fun-loving fans of civic improvement.  

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    [LA] Get Ready for Carmageddon, and the Sequel
    Prepare for Carmageddon 2, because every summer blockbuster has to have a sequel.
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    July 15: Shoppers Stockpile Food for Carmageddon

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    July 15: Weekend: Dinos Roared Before the 405 Arrived

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    July 15: Carmageddon 101

    July 14: Carmageddon Humor Hits the Web

    July 14: Glendale Cruise Night 

    July 14: Carmageddon Humor Hits the Web

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    July 14: Dr. Roadmap's Tips for Surviving Carmageddon

    July 13: The Signs of Carmageddon

    July 13: Kid Go-Outs Around San Diego

    July 13: Heavy Equipment Moving In for Carmageddon

    July 13: Burbank to Long Beach: JetBlue Offers Carmageddon Deal

    July 13: Freeway Work = Free Way to See Art

    July 13: Could "Carmageddon" Thwart Harry Potter?

    July 13: Carmageddon: Free Bangles Show

    July 13: 200 Extra Firefighters, Paramedics Brought in for 405 Closure

    July 12: Westside Weddings Move Ahead

    July 12: Prepare for Carmageddon With Mobile Disaster Kit

    July 12: Making for the Mall (Not Via the 405)

    July 12: Freeway Closure Inspires Hotel Deals

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    July 11: Contractor Has Incentive to Finish Quickly 

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    July 11:Why Not Take a Carmageddon "Vacation?" 

    July 11:Steering Clear of the 405

    July 11:Could State Government Learn From Carmageddon?

    July 11:Walking the So-Called Unwalkable City

    July 11:Avoid Carmageddon? Try the Freeway

    July 8: Carmageddon: The Sequel  

    July 7: LAPD: Avoid Canyon Routes During Carmageddon

    July 7: Canyons Affected by Carmageddon

    July 7: Unintended Consequences of the 405 Project 

    July 7: 405 Work: Causing Concern From Carson to Pasadena

    July 6: The Project and the Eruv

    July 5: UCLA Med Center Preps for Closure 

    July 5: Free Bus Rides During Weekend

    July 5: Here Come the $4.05 Deals

    July 1: Celebrities Respond to Request for "Carmageddon" Help

    June 30: Hotels Booking Up Anticipating Carmageddon

    June 30: Celebrity Twitter Clout Being Mined For Public Service 

    June 23: 405 Freeway Closure Could Be a Safety Issue

    June 22: Westside Businesses Go About Their Business  

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