Anacapa Island's Webcam Offers Us a Pretty Pacific Peek

Check out the glorious Channel Island, and the amazing ocean that surrounds it, whenever you like.


IF WE WERE A GULL, and we didn't need to answer emails or do another load of laundry or engage in the hundreds of being-human activities that we need to do daily, we'd probably open our dramatic wings and point our beak in the direction of Channel Islands National Park. For plenty of seabirds regularly make their wind-riding way to the dreamy destination, and harbor seals, and sea lions, and all sorts of amazing animals. Alas: We're very much landlocked, unlike our gull and pinniped pals, but an Anacapa Island Cove webcam is giving us the air-salty, sunshine-sweet opportunity to constructively channel our Channel Island emotions.

CHANNEL ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK, or rather the excellent social media team behind the idyllic isles, recently shared a link to the webcam, as well as some dreamy tidbits about the rocky, ocean-surrounded masses o' earth. Even if you're not hiking around Santa Cruz Island these days, or admiring the majestic Torrey Pines of Santa Rosa Island, you can still connect with the enchanting destination instantly through this live look. "Enjoy the rhythmic sounds of the Anacapa Lighthouse fog horn or emerge yourself in a kelp forest, all from the comfort of your home," recommends the Facebook post. Yes, we would like to do both those things, often, even from the place where we currently sit, please and thank you very much.

FOR MORE ON THE CHANNEL ISLANDS, visit the official NPS site. Already hoping for a future trip, whenever that can happen? Island Packers, "the official boat concessionaire to Channel Islands National Park," has get-'em-now gift certificates (and, you got it, they never expire).

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